Totem: The Modern Era is an adult adventure/horror indie comic book I created that was illustrated by Emily Peacock and published under my Puzzled Sphinx Productions, LLC imprint.

I decided to make the comic after studying under a world class comic book creator during my MFA program, and let me tell you — it was an experience.  You can judge the quality of the final book for yourself, but regardless, I learned a tremendous amount about choosing the right collaborators, scheduling, financing and every aspect of the comic book creation process, which you can feel free to ask me about.

The story follows Sam Clarke, a defrocked professor teaching High School history in a small town, who will be chosen to become the new Carrier of the Totem, a cursed artifact that grows more malevolent the longer it remains in one place. Sam will have to leave behind everything he knows, and everyone he loves, if he’s to keep the power of the Totem suppressed.  But there are those who want to see the Totem take root, who will do anything to stop him.

You can get Totem by clicking here which will take you to Totem’s page on comiXology, or you can click to visit their site and search for it and other great creator owned books.  Please check out the first three story pages below.