Recently learned that Daily Science Fiction has accepted one of my short stories for publication.  Daily Science Fiction publishes one short story per day, just about every day, and subscribers receive each new story via email.  They also promote their stories on social media and periodically publish an electronic anthology.

I’m not sure when my story will be published (and I don’t get paid until it is) but it will be sometime in 2018.

I subscribed to Daily Science Fiction as soon as I learned of their existence, and I usually read each day’s story during my morning libations or on the subway if I’m headed into the city for work.  Although they publish a wide range of stories to a wide range of tastes, I do enjoy most of their bite-sized morsel.

If you write science fiction (or fantasy) I highly recommend sending your stories to Daily Science Fiction.  I sent them four stories before the one they accepted, so it took me some time to write something that matched their editorial tastes, but I was very happy when the latest was accepted.

My next short story is quite a bit longer.  I’m editing it now,  and I intend to submit it later this week.  Since it came out okay and I’m getting terrific feedback from my beta-readers (“Dude, this should be a movie!”), I’ll probably submit to one of the top markets (Asimov’s, Analog, Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy).  As those publications don’t allow simultaneous submissions, it may be a while before this new one finds a home.  But I’ll definitely be excited when the one accepted by Daily Science Fiction finally drops.

As longtime readers of my earlier blogs know, I usually write long form, novels and screenplays as well as TV pilots, and I don’t self-publish (with the exception of my comic book, Totem, which you can find elsewhere on this site).  As such, I’ve spent a lot of time chasing success.  My decision to dedicate some of my writing time to short fiction paid off in less than a year with this successful acceptance, so I definitely recommend my novelist and screenwriter followers try their hand at some shorter stuff.  The more immediate gratification can feel very uplifting.

Keep writing!


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