I was  a Nicholl quarterfinalist in 2016 with my script set in Vietnam.  My phone didn’t exactly start ringing off the hook, but given the special requirements of that script, and that it only reached the quarterfinals, that’s no surprise.

I decided to enter again this year, with a new script, and I made the deadline.  It’s a strange, quirky project, definitely a piece of work from what I think of as coming from my “post-election” phase, a phase I may still be in.

The story was one I felt compelled to write, even though every friend I pitched it too told me not to bother.  Since it was a compulsion, I’m glad to have finished a draft and gotten it off to the Nicholl.

So at this point, I’ve  completed two feature length spec scripts, three hour-long spec TV pilots (all from original concepts), one hour long spec script (an episode of “Lucifer”) and two complete comic book scripts (one of which I published as an indie) since finishing my MFA in the summer of ’14.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, and it doesn’t represent all the writing I’ve been doing (I got a short story published during that time frame, too).  It’s just that I really was a wreck for most of 2017, so a lot of writing just went into things that never became submissions or material I was willing to self-publish.

Anyway, in 2016, the Nicholl was an all-around positive experience, so I’m glad I had at least the one script ready to submit this year.

Wish me luck. And if you entered, good luck to you, too.

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