My current project is the first book in a series for young readers that I hope is a fun science fiction story but also one that will help kids take more of an interest in STEM subjects. I’m passionate about the importance of children’s literature and about books that open doors for young readers, in addition to entertaining them. I finished the third draft (!) recently, and I’m not 100% happy with it.  Not even 90%.  So there will be a fourth draft before I think about shopping it around.

When that project isn’t speaking to me, I’m working on a screenplay with the working title “The Sweet Never Never.”  This story is the seventh iteration of something I’ve been working on through many drafts and is another science fiction project that I also consider deeply personal. I hope to send a draft of it around for friends to feedback on within the next month.

Looking ahead, I’ve been outlining a few other stories, once of which will replace the book for young readers as my main project as soon as that one is ready to go out to potential publishers.

I’m a big believer in working on multiple projects for a few reasons, but mainly because I”m always able to work on one of them, even when I’m not able to work on the one I most want to be working on.  Plus, if I get another chance to pitch editors or producers, I want to have as many pitches up my sleeve as possible.

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